Don’t Confuse Apples and Dragon Fruits

Greetings everyone!

I hope you had a brilliant weekend! Mine was pretty busy. On Saturday, I wrote a post about video games that I will be publishing on Wednesday. Make sure to have a look at it as I am starting a new series this week. It’s not that I’ve exhausted everything I wanted to share about anthropology and science-fiction (see posts 1, 2, 3 and 4), but I want to spend more time researching before I write on that topic again.

Plus, recent news about video games have gotten me in the mood to write about them. After reading this article on Geekscape, I had anime style sparkles in my eyes. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Too bad I will be so busy until Christmas…

I spent part of Saturday night writing a reply to a post about geek culture that I disagreed with. I wanted to contribute to a debate and share my views, but  some of the author’s ideas also made me pretty angry. I have to say I am a little surprised flocks of geeks haven’t posted angry replies to it. Check the post in question and my reply to it here! Feel free to share your thoughts.

How I feel when Geek culture is compared to Twilight

After working on my reply, watching a few of Comediva’s videos made me feel much better.

Geek chic is in and some aspects of geek culture are currently so popular that having geek cred is now considered a good thing. Have the geeks inherited the Earth, as some say? Sometimes, it’s nice to think that it’s the case.

Have a great week!

– The Geek Anthropologist

About Marie-Pierre Renaud

I am an anthropologist living in Quebec city, Canada. I specialize in native studies and anthropology of health. I am a geek. I founded and now co-manage The Geek Anthropologist blog. I am working on transforming my memoir into a book and journal articles. I like to knit while watching Star Trek. Reach out to me for collaborations!

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