Acquisitions Editor Position

The Geek Anthropologist editorial team is looking to add an Acquisitions Editor! Interested? Read on! Know someone who might be interested? Let them know!

Position notice in PDF form

Acquisitions Editor

Job Summary:

The Acquisitions Editor is the member of the editorial team tasked with recruiting contributors and soliciting content for the site. In most cases, they will be the initial point of contact for new authors, and will work to develop an active authorial community. As a member of the editorial team they will help to identify goals and strategies for helping The Geek Anthropologist accomplish our mission. Like all of our positions here, this is a volunteer position.


  • Collaborate with the editorial team to develop publishing agenda and goals (10%)
  • Acquire new content for The Geek Anthropologist through contacting existing writers,  soliciting new manuscripts, and identifying and contacting potential authors (50%)
  • Develop authorial community (15%)
  • Coordinate the pairing of new manuscripts with editorial team members (5%)
  • Serve as editor on manuscripts assigned (20%)


  • Networking and outreach
  • Identifying quality writers and content
  • Motivating authors to make submissions
  • Self-motivation
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Interest in and knowledge of both geek culture and anthropology

To apply, send a CV and cover letter detailing qualifications to

Applications received by March 23, 2018 will receive full consideration.

About Nick Mizer

Although much of my work focuses on tabletop role-playing games, I think that geek culture in general has a lot to offer for anthropological study, from understandings of modernity and consumerism to the role of the imagination and wonder in the midst of those more “serious” trends. As I explore these things, I find myself straddling the borders between anthropology, folkloristics, and performance studies.

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