Color or Song or Choice Diction – Spot Check 25


How does the overall environment of gaming influence our experience of imaginary worlds? In this Spot Check I think about my experiences gaming in Denton, TX, and how the colors, music, and words combined with the performance of the Dungeon Master to shape the imaginative experience. Anthropologically, you could talk about the holistic approach, but I also really like thinking about it as “terroir,” a term that usually applies to wine but that Jeff Vandermeer explores in an expanded sense in his novel Control (which will probably be the subject of my next weekly geek-out.

About Nick Mizer

Although much of my work focuses on tabletop role-playing games, I think that geek culture in general has a lot to offer for anthropological study, from understandings of modernity and consumerism to the role of the imagination and wonder in the midst of those more “serious” trends. As I explore these things, I find myself straddling the borders between anthropology, folkloristics, and performance studies.

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