Spot Check Flashback #1: The Mythic Everyday


In this installment of Spot Check Flashbacks we’re going back to the beginning. This is the first episode of the series, recorded when my Kickstarter was in full swing. If you want to skip past the section about the Kickstarter, set a course for 1:50, where you’ll here me talk about the ways that we narrativize our everyday lives and how stories help us with that.

About Nick Mizer

Although much of my work focuses on tabletop role-playing games, I think that geek culture in general has a lot to offer for anthropological study, from understandings of modernity and consumerism to the role of the imagination and wonder in the midst of those more “serious” trends. As I explore these things, I find myself straddling the borders between anthropology, folkloristics, and performance studies.

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