About TGA

An Anthropological Approach to geek culture, for science!

The Geek Anthropologist is a blog where geek culture and all things geek are analysed through the perspective of socio-cultural anthropology. We write about the intersections between social science, cultural analysis and practice of anthropology with geek culture, whether they be embodied, literary, cinematic or cybernetic.  In short, we’re interested in any culturally informed analysis of geek culture or things that geeks love.

The ideas and opinions expressed by the authors of The Geek Anthropologists are their own.

Who are we?

The editorial team behind TGA is composed of graduate students of socio-cultural anthropology. Our current contributors are from the fields of anthropology and sociology. Read more about us on the ”Who are these Geeks?” page.

What do we mean by ”geek”?

Well, we all mean something a little different, and part of what we do on the blog is try to figure out what different definitions of geek culture are out there. We can tell you what we don’t mean: we don’t intend “geek” as a synonym for “good with computers” or “socially awkward”. We tend to focus on aspects of geek identity that relate to shared exuberance over interests in things that have not typically been considered mainstream.

We may like science-fiction, but we are not drones. We come from various backgrounds and may favor different theoretical and methodological approaches. In other words, the views, ideas and perspectives we express are our own. Feel free to engage in respectful dialogue by commenting on posts or contacting us by email.

Do you wish to contribute to TGA?

There are several ways to contribute to The Geek Anthropologist, which is a not-for-profit community blog.

Join our core team: we are currently actively recruiting reviewers, research assistants and community managers, but there are other positions to fill on our team. Regardless of your current level of experience, read about available positions on our team and contact us if you are interested in being assimilated into our collective.

Become a guest or frequent contributor: if you wish to submit your own work, please have a look at the guidelines for contributors.

About Adds and Sponsored Posts

The Geek Anthropologist is a non-profit blog. All revenues generated from adds or sponsored posts are used to pay various fees related to running the blog (domain, WordPress Premium, etc.). Contributors and team members are all volunteers.


Please note that all items on this website are COPYRIGHT to their respective authors and/or owners under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, unless otherwise noted. The title of the blog is copyright to Marie-Pierre Renaud, founding editor of The Geek Anthrologist.

You may freely reference images, posts and other contents published on this website if you attribute them to TGA (identify authors and link this website). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s authors and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to TGA authors and The Geek Anthropologist with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Check out the creative commons for more information.


For more information: thegeekanthropologist[at]gmail.com

You can also connect with The Geek Anthropologist on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Facebook.

© The Geek Anthropologist 2012-2015.

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