A Meme Biography: Le Clown

For those of you who don’t know Le Clown yet, I recommend you check out his blog, A Clown on Fire.

Recently, Le Clown created a Press releases section on his blog to gather all posts that have been written about him. The list goes on and on, and on and on. When I suggested he publish his bio sometime soon, he proposed that it could be published as a series of memes. That got me thinking. Memes are used by people all around the world to efficiently convey messages thanks to images that are associated with a specific emotion or idea. But can they be used to write one’s biography?

I figured it had to be attempted. Memes are yet another topic I have to write about, so consider this an ethnographic test of sorts. Here goes!

After receiving tons of press, tens of thousands of views and millions of comments,  Le Clown has gotten quite famous, which is why he needs a bio. But not any bio. A bio deserving of his style and awesomeness.

Le Clown has always been one in a million. His journey has been one of overcoming criticism of his writing style and finding this own voice. 

Le Clown is a refined intellectual and a citizen of the world. He speaks both french and english. Oui, oui!

A proud husband and father of two, he takes parenting very seriously and shows a lot of care to his kids.

Le Clown’s writing style is sharp, shocking and funny. Everything he writes is false, yet true. He’s taunting you, pushing the argument to extremes to make you react. He’s got a Pythonesque sense of humor some might say. Others might think he trolls around. Dark humor or political incorrectness may describe his style best.

Le Clown is full of surprises.

Behind all his makeup, Le Clown is really a softie. He’ll help anyone who needs it!

He’s got a big heart, and once in a while he can be spotted in the company of celebrities in honor of Movember month. His post about Movember got him Freshly Pressed, and he was featured on The Daily Post later on. He is a very successful blogger.

Le Clown admitted to being a geek. He can be seen cutting through the snow in his frontyard with a red lightsaber in winter. Canadian winters are harsh, but he’s tough!

Not yet the end

So how did that go? I think some of these images could even be associated with one another without text to contextualize them, and it might work even better. I’ll check out anthropological literature about memes during the holidays and get back to you with more info on the topic.

Do you need more convincing to check out what Le Clown does? Have a look at A Clown on Fire!

Memes 1, 2, 4, 8 and 10 created with the meme generator.

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  1. Reblogged this on A Clown On Fire and commented:
    Le Clown doesn’t reblog a great deal of stuff, as reblogged posts are ugly. But The Geek Anthropologist made a meme out of Le Clown… I just have to share this one…


  2. Woa, it’s like a party in here! I shouldn’t have gone out to dinner! I should have stayed right here and look at the crowd pouring in! Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments, the likes and the follows! I hope my next posts won’t disappoint. I don’t write about such awesome topics as Le Clown everyday! ;)


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